Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Want That Man* - Blogtoberfest: onze jours

 A strange title for me to use I know, but bear with me, the post is actually more about the lyrics below. They are what popped into my head when I was thinking about what to post. 

(incidentally, most of the song titles I use are of songs I know, and the relevant lyrics pop into my head)

I have been ruminating lately about the use of social media and how it has changed my life. I am a mac junkie as some of you may already know and while I am not an early adopter, that is simply because of funds!

source- google images

I love my macbook pro and most days when I get home from work, I turn it on and have a look at stuff. That's what it really is - stuff. Sometimes I don't even really need to be trawling online, but I do it anyway. It has become a habit. 

I had a bad TV habit for a while, but I now have the oldest TV in existence. (this may be an overstatement, but do you really know!) I love TV, but this year, I have really reduced my viewing and often can be found either reading or computing when previously I would have been TV-ing. I think this is directly proportional to how well I feel!

I digress, I am really wanting to talk about addictions to 21st century technology. My nephews 2 and 4, can often be found fighting over who has the ipad and who has the iphone to play with! I tried to convince myself that I was not addicted to technology, but it seems I am.

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We were away the other week, essentially unplugged which I enjoyed, but I booted up the old computer almost as soon as we got home - well as soon as I could after the wet welcome home!
And what for you ask? To check facebook and see what people were doing! 

For me recently facebook has been a curse and a blessing. Facebook was the way I found out about the serious illness of a friend, previously, I found out about my friends death via facebook, because I had not answered my phone. So you see what I am saying, of course it is good to find out these things, but it feels a bit weird to find out on the computer. 

source- google images

Consequently, I'm not sure how I feel about social networking at the moment. I will continue to ponder, as I make frequent checks of facebook for progress reports on my friend's condition via her facebook page that was set up for this express purpose ... hmmm.

Here comes the 21st century
It's gonna be much better for a girl like me
 *I Want That Man - Deborah Harry

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