Sunday, October 16, 2011

100 Round The Bends* - Blogtoberfest: seize jours

 The first milestone of the month!

Welcome to my 100th post!!

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I began this blog with a specific purpose.  I imagined it would provide an objective space to talk about and process my PhD study. It all began well enough, then I needed to take some time off to work on getting my health sorted out.

So the purpose I had for blogging was on hold and I was not sure how to proceed. Despite this I continued to blog - albeit not very regularly - and began to enjoy it. I am not particularly concerned with who reads it, but I have made some friends who I look forward to conversing with over this great big blogosphere. During this time my blog has evolved and is now not directed to any specific purpose and it is OK. Sometimes I like to blog, sometimes I don't, which is why I am a little sporadic and it feels fine!

Early this year I picked up my study again full of enthusiasm and ideas. Then life intervened again when I lost my job, we moved house and everything fell apart. I had no headspace to think about my study topic or process what I was reading, so there was no progress.

I have again taken time off the studying, and ended up back at an old workplace. I am so grateful for my wonderful friend who helped make the work happen for me. I can relax about money again and get on with living a happy life!

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I have rediscovered my passion for music therapy and for working with children who live with a disability. I am now thinking completely differently about my studies and have begun to formulate a different plan.

It is scary to be in your mid forties - with another birthday looming - not knowing where to next, but I opened myself up to the process and accepted the things that came my way and I have received so many gifts as a result of this. I don't mean this to sound like it was easy, it wasn't, but it was definitely worth it, and I recommend it as a process! Sometimes surrendering to what is happening is the only way to get through.

So it feels like over the past few years I have taken a lot of different bends in the road and have ended up back where I began, older, wiser and happier.

 I am now looking forward with excitement and wonder to what is around the next bend. Thank you for sharing this journey with me, I hope you continue to come along for the ride.

#I am also joining Tinniegirl's Self Portrait Day with many different facets of me!

So jump in my car we'll go 100 round the bends
We'll take this road until we're back at the start yet again
Jump in my car we'll go 100 round the bends
And we'll pretend feeling rage is feeling real
feeling rage is feeling real
*100 Round The Bends - Missy Higgins


  1. Great job on the 100 posts. It's nice to mark a milestone and this is a wonderful one considering all of your ups and downs. Good luck for the coming 100!

  2. WOW! 100 posts! Well done! Love all your pictures. Thanks for sharing with everyone!

  3. Congrats on reaching this milestone Dr Doc. I love your blog and I'm glad you've stuck with it.