Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Pushbike Song* - Blogtoberfest: douze jours

Today is Ride to Work Day in Victoria.

Unfortunately for me I cannot ride to the workplace I attend on a Wednesday because I have to shlepp instruments and move from one location to another, so it is definitely a drive to work day for me!

I love riding however and will attempt to substitute it for another day. I have only just begun to think about riding to work at my current workplace as it is a much tougher ride than where I was before. Seriously the hills are killers! I'm afraid that I would ride to work and not be able to do anything once I was there!

Anyway, I will work on it and let you know how I go. I much prefer riding to work for lots of reasons, not the least of which is the traffic.

Will you try riding to work? Do you already? Try it it's great fun apart from anything else and you get all that time to yourself for thinking or just appreciating the natural surroundings. I highly recommend it!

You looked so pretty as you were ridin' along.
You looked so pretty as you were singing this song.

Sing a song!

A-round, round, wheels goin' round round round.

Down up pedals, down up down.

But I gotta get across to the other side of town,

Before the sun goes down. Hey, hey!
*The Pushbike Song - The Mixtures

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  1. Hey there! I found my way to you through Blogtober Fest! I am in Boston where I teach students with severe disabilities and today we got notification that we were awarded a grant for 20 sessions. Our students do so well during sessions; nonverbal children begin to try making sounds and communicating.
    Thank you for the awesome service and blessing you bring to our kids!