Saturday, October 15, 2011

Never Too Late* - Blogtoberfest: de quatorze jours

It's still the 14th of October somewhere in the world, so I am OK to be posting this (a little) late! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!!!

My Weekly Wrap up ...
  • First week back at work after holidays! CHECK
  • First week of full time work in over 2 years! CHECK
  • Had dinner out with friends! CHECK
  • Looked after a sick Tinniegirl! CHECK
  • Posted every day - well almost! CHECK
  • Paid my bills and balanced the budget! CHECK
  • Planned meals for the coming week! CHECK
  • Still Standing!!!!!!! CHECK
It's a good week!
Off to do the grocery shopping, see you later!
I'm also working on staying healthy and not catching Tinniegirl's horrendous lurgy!

No one will ever see
This side reflected
And if there's something wrong
Who would have guessed it
And I have left alone
Everything that I own
To make you feel like
It's not too late
It's never too late
* Never Too Late - Three Days Grace


  1. Now that certainly sounds like a fab week Lou!

  2. you have been busy!!! good to see you today Lou.
    enjoy the rain ♥