Friday, October 28, 2011

Old Friends* - Blogtoberfest: vingt-huit jours

 One of the things I have missed, while I have been unwell, is seeing friends. I am a very social person, and my illness has prevented a lot of getting out and doing things. 

Of course things are changing now as my rehab continues, but I had a chance to reflect on this after a visit from an old friend this week.

I've known Linda since we were at Uni together and played in the same cricket teams for years, back in Canberra, so I guess I have known her about 25 years or more. Linda lives in Sydney, and we haven't seen each other for four years. This week she was in town and it was looking for a while as if we might not be able to get together, but happily, she was able to come over on Wednesday and ended up sharing a meal with us.

It was such a great night. I remembered what it is like to hang out with people who I know well and who know me well, it was brilliant. It is comfortable, fun, honest and extraordinarily ordinary!
I had the best time and it reminded me that I need to rekindle some old friendships. It's time to let my friends know I am available once more for chatter and eating and drinking (although maybe a little less red wine, might be better next time!)

I do not want to forget again,  how important it is to have people in my life who know me well. I am blessed with many such friends and so thankful to Linda for reminding me.

Old friends, memory brushes the same years,
Silently sharing the same fears
*Old Friends - Simon and Garfunkel

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