Friday, October 7, 2011

I Collect Rocks* - Blogtoberfest: de sept jours

No I don't collect rocks, but I do collect things - this is something I have recently accepted about myself

This is a collection of things that sit on my desk at work. I have accumulated them over the years and they all hold some meaning.  They were either given to me in a work context, or garnered through work trips. At the moment because I do not have a desk at work, they sit on my desk at home. I love my eclectic desk collection! (apologies for the shadowy photos)

Also, I discover as I look at my collection of things, that there are three separate collections within my larger collection ...
A collection of stress balls ...

 My collection of toy cars...

An animal collection ...

Stay tuned for more collections if you dare ...

Now I collect rocks
I collect rocks
I put em in a bag
I put em in a box
Filling up my pockets                   
Filling up my socks        
I gain weight every time I take a walk            
I collect rocks
I collect rocks 
*I Collect Rocks - Al Simmons

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  1. Love your blog .... really nice. Found you through Blogtoberfest.