Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't Wish too Hard* - Blogtoberfest: de vingt a cinq jours

It's a day of wishful thinking.

Here are just a few material things ...
Since I first spotted these houses on the linear park near our house, I have always wanted to own one!

source - google images
This is the camera I am currently saving up to buy ...

Holiday next year to America including ...

source - google images
 Houston to visit friends...

source - google images
 One of my favourite places - Denver to visit friends

source - google images
Portland to visit friends and for some great food and it is very cool by all accounts!
San Francisco because I love it!
(Also planning a trip to Europe in 2013 but that's a story for later)

I always wish for more of these!

source- google images
and I can never have too many of these. (These are also something I have a collection of!)

... But really my wishes go a lot deeper than material things. I also often wish for peace and happiness. (I carry 2 small stones in my pocket every day and I have named them peace and happiness) When I am dead, I would like people to remember that I made a difference in the world. I know that will not happen by wishing for material things, but I hope that by being kind to strangers and helping people in my neighbourhood that I make a difference to some people's lives on a local level. I believe this is a big part of making my world a better place and when that happens my happiness radiates to others. This is my real wish!

Don't wish too hard for what you want
Or then you might get it
And then when you get it
You might wish you never got it all
*Don't Wish Too Hard - Peter Allen

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  1. I think your wish for making a difference is a very worthy wish and worth wishing hard for! I know you are making a difference in lives every day, big AND small with your musical skills =-)

    As for the 'material things', I think you are right to 'wish lightly' and see what the Universe brings - the big U often brings more and better than we can imagine, so keep wishing hard for PEACE and HAPPINESS and be prepared to be blown away! =-D

    BTW: are you sure that pic of all the sneakers is not YOUR collection?!?? ;)