Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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 - adjective

  1. appearing or happening at irregular intervals in time; occasional: sporadic renewals of enthusiasm.
  2. appearing in scattered or isolated instances, as a disease.
  3. isolated, as a single instance of something; being or occurring apart from others.
  4. occurring singly or widely apart in locality: the sporadic growth of plants.        sourced from Dictionary.com

5. my blogging history.
6. how often I think about blogging.
7. how often I access the computer
8. something I hope to change next year.

I'm starting on my new years resolutions. I don't often make resolutions for the coming year, but this year I am strangely compelled to do some planning for the year ahead.

After an initial flurry of blogging, I then stopped for 4 months. I began again with renewed enthusiasm brought about by Blogtoberfest, then once again ceased for just over a month. One of the things I would like to accomplish next year is to blog more often. I hope that returning to becoming dr doc, and returning to my music ensemble - along with the promise of a new computer - will encourage me to share my stories more often.

It is my hope that next year is less of a struggle than the previous few have been and my plan is to plan more and make a better life for myself. I was only thinking the other day that in many ways I need to make my life more liveable. When you live with chronic illness, it is sometimes easy to get caught up in how difficult life is. This is not to downplay the difficult times, but things can be different.

I have a few things up my sleeve to ensure that I stick to my plan, beginning with a weekly plan that includes exercise, time for blogging, scheduled music practice time and study, as well as me time, time with my beautiful partner, and time for my friends and family.

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Keep an eye out for what lies ahead. The year is filled with promise!