Saturday, April 2, 2011

Under Pressure*

Tomorrow, I am presenting my research to one of my music therapy heroes - Brynjulf Stige. I have been trying to write the presentation for weeks, but it will not come together.

 I am a part of the National Music Therapy Research Unit or NaMTRU, at the University of Melbourne. Twice yearly all the post grad students get together and present wherever they are up to with their research.

There is always a visiting professor - from one of the consortium of universities that NaMTRU is part of - who gives feedback and offers their opinion. This time it is Brynjulf. He is a guru of Community Music Therapy and this is part of what I am looking at. It is exciting, nerve racking and very inspiring. I met him on Thursday and again today, but tomorrow I have to present my work.

I cannot seem to get my thoughts into any sort of order. I am terrified of presenting gobbledy gook to someone I respect.

 not even Big Cat is helping!

Sometimes the hardest thing is living up to the expectations I have of myself

Anyway, this is not getting it done either.

Pressure pushing down on me
*Under Pressure - Queen


  1. What a nifty opportunity! I hope it went fabulously well! Will you be writing more about what you're researching with regard to Community Music Therapy (she asked hopefully)?

    As it happened, I connected up with another music therapist doing CMT with folks who have intellectual and developmental disabilities at our conference here in the Northeastern part of the US, and I'm looking forward to hearing/learning more about it. Definitely find Brynjulf Stige's work to be of great interest.

  2. Hey Roia, well it's over. Brynjulf was really kind and I will be beginning to write about what I am studying, but in short it is about evaluating the process that occurs when people are engaging in CoMT

  3. Sounds lovely, and I'm glad your presentation went well. I presume you're talking about qualitative research. I've recently heard of a form of research that combines elements of qualitative and quantitative, but isn't exactly either one. I can't recall the name (I'll have to go check the notes), but it has to do with systems, I believe. But that's neither here nor there. I look forward to reading about your work!