Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The question today is PROCESS or REPRESENTATION?

It seems I am trying to do too many things in my PhD. I wanted to try and design evaluation that includes the voices of vulnerable and marginalised communities, as well as define and measure the process that occurs during Community Music Therapy and Community Cultural Development.

I got a bit sidetracked onto process and headed off on the way to try and describe it - at least for the purpose of what I am doing. After supervision on Thursday last week, in which both my supervisors were present, it was suggested to me that I needed to bed down my question and that means deciding what it is I really want to look at for the next few years. 
After some discussion today with my best friend, I have decided to concentrate on what initially led me down this path of study, and that is representation within evaluation. It was suggested to me that maybe examining participation might be the way to go.

AAAH it is proving challenging at this stage to pin down what I am most passionate about!!!

You will represent who you stand for
They won't shame you
They won't change you
There's a consequence for the path you chose
They can't change you
They can't make you who you are not
*Represent - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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  1. It IS hard to have to choose just one passion!! I do hope you succeed at choosing how you want to proceed with your PhD - I like your idea of including those vulnerable and marginalized voices. That is important work =-)

    BTW: love the inclusion of song lyrics to each post!!