Monday, July 18, 2011

Fear of Wasted Time*

I really should be doing some work or study, instead I seem to have experienced the phenomenon of "time suckage".

This means that the whole day has run away while I have been mucking around on my computer making my blog look different, reading and answering emails, reading blogs!

Maybe it is symbolic of the fact that this seems to be a time of change in my life and the change is reflected in other things.

Come on motivation where are you?!

Time might pass me by
If I close my eyes
So I'm on the next plane leavin' town
I'll be gone tonight and
You ask why I do it that way

It's just the fear of wasted time

The fear of wasted time
That's why
*Fear of Wasted Time - Courtyard Hounds


  1. You sound like all the good bloggers I know, including myself. Enjoy the time out.

  2. I agree with Cathy!

    I have a friend who has been feeling bad about himself because he hasn't been 'focused' enough, according to family members, but I think it's good for folks to take a bit time for what appears to be "goofing off", when really it's just a time to let great ideas slowly rise to the surface =-)

    BTW: i LOVE the new blog look and banner!!