Friday, January 7, 2011

Honestly (Write me a List)*

My list of intentions for 2011.

1. work towards acceptance of the limitations of my illness
2. organise my life so I can get the most out of it and have more fun
3. decide what to do about work
4. connect more with family and friends
5. get back to my study
6. move house to somewhere that has light and space and trees and birds

It's a small list for now.  might add to it as I go along. If I call it a working document, then I am covered!! I'm joining in with tinniegirl even though my list is tiny compared to her big list, however...

My list for today is nearly complete

1. attend appt
2. drop off bike to be serviced
3. go to medicare to get money
4. buy vitamins
5. pick up bike and ride home
6. meet friends at Abbotsford convent supper market

NOW ... Time for some reading!!!

* Honestly (Write me a List) by Rodney Atkins

"Just think it over,and write me a list"
"So we can figure out what we both deserve"


  1. I love lists! Ps No not a plate :-) Will reveal later :-)

  2. Good list and I reckon shorter makes it a bit easier to accomplish it all! Thanks for joining in my book list :)

  3. That is a good list for 2011 =-)

    Good for you for nearly accomplishing your to-do list for the day also!

  4. It's a good list Ms L. Hope you kick its ass.