Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Nice To Be Alive*

After more than a week of sickness, today, I went for a walk in between rain showers and realised I am really feeling better.

I can't wait to get back to work and being more active. This feels great!

We have had some perfect Melbourne - 4 seasons in one day - weather this week, and it has been so lovely. After 10+ years of drought the weather is doing things of old!

I've been doing lots of thinking about my study which has also been good. I have felt a little pre-contemplative about doing any study since we moved, but the last few days I have started to organise my space and do some reading. I am struggling with seeing a really clear path ahead, but it is slowly becoming clearer.

 I am heading toward the mountain, ready to ascend and see what lies ahead.

It feels like time to really get on top of evaluation and it's culture. 

I am also gearing up for Blogtoberfest by trying to post more often. I plan to be telling you heaps more on my special subject during this time ...

Chill out,
It’s alright
kiss me,
It’s nice to be alive
*It's Nice To Be Alive - Ballpark Music

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