Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Horses*

The Race That Stops a Nation!
It's an auspicious date 1.11.11 (or 11.1.11 if you live in the US!)

It's Melbourne Cup Day. This is my favourite holiday of all. Where else in the world do you get a holiday for a horse race? Not even the whole of Australia gets a holiday, only Melbourne, and because it is always held on the first Tuesday in Nov, most of Melbourne takes Mon as a holiday as well.

This is what I did on my holiday


cute cat

clear skies (after the race!)

more cute cat

And my horse won!

That's the way it's gonna be little darlin', 
we'll be riding on the horses yeah yeah
Way up in the sky little darli-in', 
and if you fall I'll pick you up, pick you up...
*The Horses - Daryl Braithwaite

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