Friday, June 10, 2011

California Dreaming*

Last month was a lean month for blogging, even though there was plenty of fodder, there was limited time. While waiting for an appt the other week, I took some beautiful autumn photos on my phone.

Autumn is my favourite time of year, and it was lovely sitting on the leaves and enjoying the sunshine.

The weather completely turned this week, bringing snow and freezing cold winds. My ride on Tuesday was in 7 deg Celsius, rain and wind. I thought I would be able to snap my thumbs off when I got home!

all the leaves are brown
and the sky is grey
I've been for a walk
on a winter's day
*California Dreaming - Mamas and Papas


  1. LOVE that photo of the bike wheel and leaves!! how do you ride in such cold weather??!?! I hope you have some mitts to keep the chill away =-)

  2. Beautiful photos Ms L. Sideways smile.