Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rambling Ways*

After a great beginning to the year, with a new attitude to work, and some goals for the year, I feel like things have come to a bit of a halt. LOOK OUT HERE COME THE RAMBLINGS!

My new attitude to work has been going well when I am there, so that is a start. I made a goal to decide what to do about work, and after some soul searching, and some changes made to my working week, I pretty much have that sorted. It is a good place for me to be at the moment, so I am staying put for now.   Through this process I have reminded myself about, and become clearer about, the things that matter to me at work.

These things include a supportive team; the ability to work with patients in a medium to long term way; flexibility of working hours/days to suit my sometimes changing needs, to name a few. Anyway, the positives far outweighed the negatives of the job. The people stuff I was struggling with has been mostly manageable which in itself is great. So when I write it, it seems like a good place to be.

In the last month, I have had to have - what equates to - nearly 2 weeks off work (not in a row), and this is very frustrating, as I lose my momentum. So I am feeling a little rudderless at the moment. I have not been blogging, and I have been trying to find some routine around study, but I realise that work forms part of my stability.

It is so easy to lose the way. Why is this? Why is it harder to find again?
I will ponder this while I acquaint myself with ontology and hermeneutics!!

These Rambling ways of mine 
they get me in trouble all the time
*Rambling Ways - Sara Tindley

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  1. Hi .. I hear what you say about the bad effects of unexpected breaks in your working routine! It throws me when that happens, and some of my clients seem a little 'off' with me when I return to work. If I know I have a break coming up - a trainaing day or a holiday - I try and give people as much notice as possible. But you're so right - it breaks the rhythm.

    I'm enjoying your blog very much. Love the colours!