Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Self Portrait

Today I'm joining in self portrait day for Blogtoberfest. 


This is the first self portrait I took with my new camera. I love taking these shots!

Here I am again on the beach at Port Douglas recently, and

and here is one of Tinniegirl and my good self a few years ago!


  1. Hope you had fun squishing those little balls of sand. Cherrie

  2. how lovely, sand on the toes! I guess I could go outside barefoot & feel mud on my toes today.
    loving your self portrait pics Ms L.

  3. Haha! A portait of your foot? I can't talk. I like to go incognito too.

  4. love the shots of the paths you have walked ( ;

  5. I too did the shoe portrait, but then decided to un-mask... ;)

    thanks for your lovely comment earlier on :)

  6. Lovely to see your face (and your shoe and you foot) on the blog today Ms L!

  7. what fun self portraits! love the hat but i'm sure you guessed i would love the hat =-)

    BTW: i'm looking forward to hearing more about you learning the bagpipes!