Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kissing Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)*

This week, it has felt like there has been a bit of falling down the mountain, and more specifically the kissing dirt part!

Do you ever feel like life is just about getting back up all the time? That all you ever do is keep dusting yourself off and starting again? Well this last little while has felt a bit like that for me.

This beautiful picture was taken by me on a trip to New Zealand in 2006 near Franz Josef Glacier

The house has been sold, so we are on the move in a few months; work is all bureaucracy and no respect and caring for those that we are there to work with; my health has been up and down despite religiously using all my rehab tools; study has not been progressing smoothly and it seems everytime we begin to get a little ahead financially, something breaks down or needs attention (this week it is both the car and coffee machine - and believe me the coffee machine is a much worse prospect to live without!!!) 

Aside from all this, I did something yesterday that I swore to myself I would never do. You know those funniest video shows when the adult gets on the pogo stick, or the skateboard, or the trampoline ... and you just know it's going to end in tears? Well imagine cool aunt on my 5 yr old nephews' scooter, crack in the concrete ... the rest as they say ... could have won me $$$ on funniest home videos if someone was filming!!!! (Yes I am nursing some grazed and bruised knees, but having a good laugh at myself and the irony of it all, not nursing a bruised ego as well.)

The funniest bit was my nephew, after I fell said "what the hell"! Yes even he knew I had just ended all the fun for everyone!

I think it is against my nature to stay down when I fall, but fighting is harder sometimes than others. If I knew how not to get back up all the time, I might give it a go, then maybe then the kissing dirt would be more pleasant, who knows.

Falling down the mountain
End up kissing dirt
Look a little closer
Sometimes it wouldn't hurt
*Kissing Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain) - INXS
Suggested by Curlypops


  1. Wish some of the grown ups had at least got to see 'cool aunt' go for a topple!

    As for the getting back up, I'm glad you always do.

  2. Yes. It does, in fact, seem that we're all forever having to get up and try again. Oddly (just because this is where my head is at 3:30 in the darned AM), I just saw that there's a book on therapy that describes therapy as being all about rupture and repair. So there you have it. Meanwhile, I'm glad you didn't rupture anything when you fell off the scooter (and I'll take that under advisement when I decide to be a "cool aunt"). :- )

  3. Oh no! When I suggested one of my favourite songs, I didn't want you to REALLY kiss the dirt!

    Those scooters are dangerous machines... thank goodness you've managed to pick yourself up once again (and I hope you can get the coffee machine fixed before my next visit.... is that selfish much?).