Monday, May 3, 2010

The Back Story - Part 1

I have worked in the community sector for 20 years in a number of different incarnations. The first of my 3 (yes 3) degrees, was a Bachelor of Science - majoring in psychology - at Australian National University in Canberra.

Shortly after finishing, I moved to Melbourne with plans to study music therapy. I got a job working with people living with disabilities and got stuck for 6 years - I loved it! I eventually got around to actually doing my Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy at University of Melbourne. I worked a number of jobs while I was studying, lived a crazy life and loved it. 

I am a classical guitarist, and while I needed to play at a high standard to get into Uni, there was little need to maintain those skills. It was at this time that I discovered Concordia. I joined so that I got to play my guitar on a regular basis and was quickly offered the position of principal guitar in the orchestra. A great honour, that I accepted and held for 10 years until I retired from Concordia for health reasons. 

So, I'm now going to say what you are all thinking - yes I am a nerd!


  1. You just popped up on my google reader!
    I thought one degree was hard enough... one of these days, you'll have to get out the guitar and play me a song.

  2. welcome to blogging Louise, I feel like I know you already!!! Nerds rock!!

  3. I went to ANU for my undergraduate degree too!

  4. Now you're just showing off! 3 degrees!